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  • Websites are getting more and more complicated and it takes considerable time to get used to using a website efficiently. Getting attention to the most important features of a website in the first few seconds of a visitor helps convert them to users. It also increases user satisfaction and decreases the bounce rate! Large companies have their in-house systems to address these problems but others don't have the resources to develop these solutions on their own. Hence, we are developing Drawium to provide these functionalities to web-developers and marketers.

    Drawium Team, Drawium


  • Seckin Can Sahin is a senior student at Computer Engineering and Mathematics Departments at METU. He attended UCLA Computer Science Department as an E.A.P. Fellow and interned at a couple research labs during his time at UCLA and METU. Later on he interned at Facebook where he worked on optimizing ads.

    Seckin Can Sahin, CEO and Co-Founder, Drawium

  • Ozgur Saygin Bican is a senior student at METU Computer Engineering and Psychology departments. He has done research at Modsimmer and METU-Kovan and published multiple papers. Later on he decided that he can create more value in the industry and focused his energy on that.

    Ozgur Saygin Bican, Co-Founder, Drawium